Promising point of the curtain wall technology
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[Abstract] so that the plastic arts of modern glass
curtain wall at more and more architects love and appreciation, making the
technology in China has been widely applied. Through point-glass curtai...

[Abstract] so that the plastic arts of modern glass curtain wall at more and more architects love and appreciation, making the technology in China has been widely applied. Through point-glass curtain wall of the characteristics, classification and the main component of the discussion, pointing out that the point-glass curtain wall is a promising technology walls.
[Key words] point-supported glass curtain wall system to connect pieces of metal
1, Introduction
With the socio-economic development, people building on the use of quality these days. In recent years, due to the glass, metal, such as materials science and manufacturing technology of rapid development of the glass curtain wall has been widely applied, so that the construction outlook has changed dramatically, especially in the glass developed by leaps and bounds, people naturally think of a more Use of transparent glass properties, which induced a construction point of the glass-curtain wall technology generation, which is used to connect pieces of metal fasteners and construction glass and metal (or glass) into a supporting structure to connect a whole new type of composite structure Form. It is not to replace other forms of the advantages --- more transparent, more secure, more flexible, so that the construction of modern technology the United States, the United States and technology to enjoy the performance, point-glass curtain wall by the majority of the architects of all ages.
2, point-glass curtain wall technology features
As the point-glass curtain wall construction technology is connected by metal fasteners and pieces of glass and the supporting structure into a combination of off-the entire structure, with box (including box hidden, half-hidden box) glass curtain wall, point Glass-curtain wall technology has the following characteristics.
2.1 --- good permeability is due to the large glass-supporting structure with a number of points connected, the line of sight was blocked to reduce the size of the smallest, so that the broad field of vision to the maximum.
2.2 --- better security after a steel after the glass pieces of metal through mechanical means fixed to the supporting structure, weather sealant only sealed without taking into account the role of other forces, even under external impact, so that a single glass Fall damage "rain glass", nor will they in the whole glass falling seriously wounding incident.
2.3 --- good because of the flexibility metallic fasteners and connectors designed to take into account a variety of measures to enable free access point in each rotation, but also allows a certain degree of displacement. Adjustment for the civil engineering construction inevitable Error, so the glass will not have to install the stress, well head. Adapt to the supporting structure can be affected by load after arising from the deformation, so that the glass in good force, not only that, with point-to connect to the greatest extent can reflect the architectural style.
Technology --- strong sense of 2.4 points structure can be used many forms, endless change, there is a good technology, art, so that the designers choose to use.
2.5 --- due to environmental protection and energy saving building glass-point pursuit of a crisp style, and thus the use of glass in more light pollution to choose a very small glass of white, ultra-white glass and Low-E glass, at the same time with indoor or outdoor sun, by the Put an end to pollution and even small, can greatly reduce energy consumption, in particular the use of hollow technology, the effect more pronounced.
3-point glass curtain wall classification
In accordance with the supporting structure in different ways, point-glass wall in the form of wall can be divided into the following categories:
3.1 points-supporting structure of metal curtain walls
This is the most current form, which is a metal structure supporting materials, through the metal fasteners and connectors will face firmly fixed in the glass above it, very safe and reliable. Make full use of the metal structure of the flexible design of the building to meet the needs of the people can see through the glass clearly support the glass structure of the system as a whole. The crystal glass and metal structure of the solid and firm, "the United States" and "power" is all about. Enhance the "virtual" and "real" comparison.
3.2-wide glass-curtain walls of the structure of the points
Through the metal fasteners and connectors will be supporting structure of glass (glass rib) and the glass surface even as a whole, become a building envelope. Construction is simple and cheap, glass and the glass surface rib constitute a broader vision, a pleasure to look at it, building indoor and outdoor space to achieve the greatest degree of visual blend.
3.3 bar (cable) point-glass curtain wall structure
Stainless steel bar with glass or corresponding raphe sub-Lasso steel wall made of the supporting structure. Through the glass metal connector with its fixed. In the construction sector to make full use of precision machining. Rod so that the components are subject matter (stress> 0), construction should be to increase tension, the flexible connection can reduce the vibration when the glass breakage.
4, point-glass construction of the main components of the
4.1 Support system
Support system is to the glass surface with a variety of load transfer directly to the main building structure, which is the main component force, in accordance with generally bear the load of the size and shape of construction to select the form and structure of materials, such as ribbed glass, Stainless steel column, the column or aluminum combined with the appropriate anti-corrosion, fire surface treatment of steel frame analysis of the steel column and stainless steel rod (cable).
4.2 metal connector
4.2.1 metal connectors, including regular pieces (commonly known as Block and claw paw) and the fastener. Pieces are usually fixed with stainless steel or ordinary steel cast, and the fastener is used pieces of stainless steel processing sector. Taking into account the compatibility of metal, claw seat must be supported with the system use the same material, the use of mechanical or fixed.
4.2.2 metal connector is a point-building technology essence. It fixed in the glass surface on the supporting structure of glass not only have a marginal additional stress hole, but also to allow a small amount of displacement due to the adjustment brought about by the construction and installation of construction error, as well as measures to improve the seismic shock absorption capacity into account when designing the There are many factors.
4.2.3 metal connectors also have a significant effect of the decoration, it can not only meet the functional requirements, there are also beautiful design and fine processing of manufacturing, from the "finishing touch".
4.3 Glass
4.3.1 point-glass construction techniques used in the glass, as a result of bored hole while lowering strength of glass by about 30%, the point-glass construction techniques must be tempered glass of high intensity (the impact strength is tempered glass float 3-5 times that of glass, float glass bending strength is 2-5 times), tempered glass is another important characteristic is the use of security forces in greater damage and no acute angle when the small fragments (known as " Glass rain "), wounding easy.
4.3.2 local Department of the North building or insulation on the higher requirements of the buildings, often using insulating glass, which is in between two pieces of glass with a dry layer of air or inert gas layer of insulating glass can be substantial Improve the insulation properties of glass due to the thermal conductivity K value 0.8W/mc, and the K value for air 0.03W/mc, on the situation of gas lower. In addition, the insulating glass Anti-condensation and noise performance better than that.
4.3.3 or more people in the light of such top-security high-performance requirements of occasions, often selected folder plastic glass, that is, between two layers of glass into the folder polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film, so that debris will be PVB film stick together and avoid falling glass and causing injury or property damage. In addition, PVB film with the sound of the damping function, it is a good sound effects. Due to it effectively reduced the transmission of sunlight to prevent glare, not to cause color distortion. At the same time there is Ultraviolet blocking, protection or display of goods from UV radiation and Tuibian color, but the growth of flower plants is very negative. As a result, greenhouse and heating can not be selected.
4.4 sealing material
Glass and glass between the use of silicone rubber weather seal, glass and metal structure between the use of structural silicone adhesive. Point-building techniques in glass sealant sealing only, do not have the strength to carry out the calculation. Must be carried out prior to the use of plastic materials contact with the rough capacitive testing, performance testing of qualified, and the use of the life, strictly abide by the rules in order to ensure the quality of construction.
5, the conclusion
Point-glass curtain wall and other glass curtain wall, in practice, the continuous development of production and sound. Chinese revolution, construction of the plastic arts to point-glass curtain wall with the rapid development of technology in full swing, more and more buildings will also be using the technology to use it better, more standardized. Due to this technology is not yet in-depth understanding of his mistake cost and did not dare to adopt, and this is not the case. In general, the more advanced the use of point-curtain wall building technology is, in turn, used the point-wall technology, building on the view that the more senior people. Some of the buildings because of the large-scale use of point-glass curtain wall technology and lead to substantial increase in value, which raised the price of per unit area than the use of proceeds from the point of the glass-curtain wall technology spending much of the increase. This shows that a more ideal point of the glass-curtain wall technology, the rate of return is a huge, with a broader development prospects.
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