Wood grain printing series

  • Wood grain printing series
  • Wood grain printing series
Wood grain printing series
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Place of Origin: Foshan, Guangdong

Material: aluminum alloy

Brand: Foshan Xinjing XINJING

Raw material: iron or aluminum

Specifications: 600X600mm or any sheet surface

Packing: Xinjing carton packaging (can add foam or cardboard corner)

Warranty: The original factory produces outdoor powder coating, quality assurance! Indoor use, 10 years unchanged color!


• Fine, smooth and easy to clean

• High-quality hot-dip galvanized iron or aluminum alloy plate to ensure panel rigidity and flatness, superior corrosion resistance, weather resistance, moisture resistance, mildew proof

• Uniform color, indoor use, quality assurance for 10 years, the color is firmly connected, easy to assemble and disassemble, each piece can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled independently

• Easy to match with all kinds of lamps and devices

Recommended application:

•Shopping, supermarket

•Outdoor facilities, gas station, toll station

• Subway, station, airport, coach station

• school, office, meeting room

• Building lobby, hallway and bathroom


Especially ideal for clean places:

•Office, office building, store

• cafeteria, restaurant, kitchen

• Hospital, etc.

Sound absorption performance:

Punching plate with soundtex sound absorbing paper

Noise reduction coefficient: NRC = 0.7


Sound insulation level:

Sound insulation rating of non-porous plate: CAC=40dB

Punching plate sound insulation level: CAC=24dB


Fire performance:

British BSI fire test pass (BS476)